Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Sunflowers are large flowers containing vast quantities of seeds, mounted on wide upward growing stalks that are a wonder of plant architecture.
The Sunflower is a name that actually comprises three very similar annual plants that grow in various situtations in caelereth .To different races they are a sign of positivity: happiness, cheer, even luck, health and hope represent the sun to certain elven tribes, and may also be given in bouquets as a symbol of long life, health and happiness.
All types are easy to cultivate as the seeds are not very difficult to collect, and as long as they are grown in a sunny spot, they grow magnificently.
In general Sunflowers have blossoms composed of yellow, orange or red rays of petals fanning around disks with smaller yellow, brown, blue or purple petals. The wild Sun flower grows to be about 2 peds tall, while certain cultivated varieties will grow to reach 6 peds if properly supported. The solitary blossom is supported by a green stem that in some cases is only barred from being a trunk by the fact that it has no woody tendency.

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